Brainworms, 8

Don’t know much about history.
Don’t know much biology.
Don’t know much about a science book.
Don’t know much about the French I took.

But I do know that I love you.
And I know that if you love me too,
What a wonderful world this would be.

As simple as maths
in song What a Wonderful World, sing by Sam Cook
Geography.. trigonometry.. algebra.. slide rule is for and one is two..
Uhhhhh ta ta ta ta hmmm yeah
History.. biology.. Science Book.. French I Took..
 What a wonderful world this would be.


Too long ago, too long apart

She couldn’t wait another day for the captain of her heart.
As the day came up she made a stop.
She stopped waiting another day for the captain of her heart.

Coming from the 80’s, The Captain of Her Heart is the one-hit wonder from Double.  And it all started on a sunny spring day with a blackbird singing at the window of the pianist. Sure, as natural as it can be! Credits to nature and to songfacts!

Too long ago, too long apart…
O captain, my captain, you must be so lost!


Brainworms, 7

The air is heavy, heavy as a truck
We need the rain to wash away our bad luck.

And to ease a burning summer.
in song Electrical Storm, sing by U2


Is there a place I can go where the lonely river flows?

Where fear ends and faith begins.

‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’ means hope over despair, forgiveness over punishment, love over fear.

Let Me In becomes Hallelujah in short version:

Woah, hallelujah, let us in.


Isn’t it ironic, dont you think?

That life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right.

Hope life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up in your face.

Isn’t it ironic? A little too ironic, yeah I really do think.


Fast cat fast scar scar fast car fast

You’ve got a fast car. I want anywhere a ticket. Maybe we make a deal, maybe somewhere together we can get? You’ve got a fast car, but is it so fast we can fly away enough? We have got a decision to make, we leave tonight, or die and live this way, or live and die this where’s the feeling that I belong, your arm wrapped round my shoulder. If you’ve got a fast scar, car, speed so fast to feel like I was drunk, I want a ticket to anywhere, city lights lay out before us, if you’ve got a car fast car.


Brainworms, 6

You can’t hurry love.
No, you just have to wait.
(Mama) said love don’t come easy,
It’s a game of give and take!

in song You Can’t Hurry Love, sing by The Supremes and powered by mother’s wisdom


Take me off to the place where one reveals life’s mystery


Steady on down the line, lose every sense of time.
Take it all in and wake up that small part of me (that) day to day I’m blind to see, and find how far, to go!

Dancing is the new meditation?


If you’re gay,then you’re gay

if you’re straight, well that’s great!
If you fall in between it’s the best way to be!
You’ve got so many options,
Every fish in the sea wants to kiss you…
‘Cause we’re all somewhere in the middle,

And we’re all just looking for love to change the world!

Sharing the ‘gayest song ever’ in honor of the 1st Portuguese National Day agaisnt Homophobia and Transphobia!

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Portugal

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Portugal

…hooray equal rights!


The Proposal

Would you let me see beneath your beauty, tonight?

I do!

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